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Free surf lessons for the children of Los Angeles.

Los Courage Camps' mission is to teach the diverse children of Los Angeles who have never experienced the ocean how to surf and consequently connect them with their courage, potential, inner strength, and leadership.

Since 2017, Los Courage Camps has offered free surf lessons to the youth of the greater Los Angeles & Orange County areas.

We believe in the ocean's ability to transform our communities of color. Surfing is an experience that allows you to do something you never even knew was possible. One lesson and one child at a time, we expand access to the ocean to the communities that need it the most.

Why courage? To us, it if the emotion that sits between fear and hope. The emotion that sits between accepting life circumstances you may have been born into and being a self advocate for change. For children from communities of color in Los Angeles - the traditional school system no longer provides the experiences and activities that help children learn and practice the critical skill of self advocacy - mentally , verbally, and physically. That is where the idea of Los Courage Camps started - by a former teacher who found another classroom where children could accelerate this personal development - the ocean. The ocean and surfing not only provide character skills for children, it is also a source of physical and mental health, proven by science. Access to this source of health is especially critical for people from communities facing health inequities. We believe the ocean is a course of fundamental life lessons, health, and healing - and we are determined to have every child in Los Angeles have the opportunity to experience at least one day in the ocean, no matter which neighborhood you come from.

The ocean is our classroom. Courage is the subject.

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A first generation Latina born and raised in East Los Angeles.

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