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Los Courage Camps: Questions & Answers

For Families

How can I sign up?

  • Registration is on the website under the events page.


Are there workshops all year long?

  • We teach new surfers each summer at different beach events. During other seasons, we host other courage sports such as martial arts, skateboarding, mental wellness, and more. Checkout our events page for the latest event!


When is the next courage camp?

  • Checkout our events page for the next event!


Who can come to courage camps?

  • We believe everyone deserves access to the ocean - our focus is on children (both boys and girls), but adults are always welcome. Families are highly encouraged to come and support. We also welcome volunteers to teach surf lessons.


How much does it cost?

  • It’s free! For anyone who never had access to a surf lesson, a surfboard, a wetsuit, or a community to surf with.


Do I need experience?

  • Knowing how to swim is important for surfing. But we also encourage you to join us if you are comfortable holding your breath in the water and know how to float. 


How many attend each workshop?

  • There is a capacity of 30 for our larger summer events and between 10 to 20 for our smaller events.


Is transportation provided?

  • This information will be included in event details, but for most events transportation is not provided.


Can I take more than one free surf lesson?

  • At this time, we offer one free surf lesson in our summer season to introduce new surfers to the ocean. We welcome surfers who have already taken 1 lesson with us to come to our returning surfer events that are unlimited. Checkout the events page for more!


Are the lessons in a group setting?

  • Yes, our lessons take place in a group setting.


Where do camps take place? 

  • Our focus is in Los Angeles County with main locations for events being anywhere from Malibu, Santa Monica, to Long Beach.


How is courage camps structured? 

  • Spring: Free surf lessons days are announced and we encourage anyone new to surfing or anyone who tried but never had the support to continue to sign up. 

  • Summer (multiple dates): meet us at the beach, we let you borrow a surfboard and wetsuit, you learn on the sand how to paddle and pop up. Then, an experienced surfer will take you into the water and guide you and you paddle for waves in the ocean. Don’t worry - you will be able to touch the sand. Families are always welcomed to join and watch from the beach.

  • Late Summer: End of summer celebration with Los Courage Camps familias

  • Winter: Free lessons in other courage and wellness activities like skateboarding, nutrition, martial arts, and more. Checkout @elbarriosathleticclub (our community garage gym in San Pedro for more)

  • All Year (various dates): For returning surfers and families, join us for Dias de Surf, these are days where growing surfers can meet at a local beach and practice on their own with light supervision from members of the Los Courage Camps community. 


Where is the best place to get updates on Los Courage Camps?

  • Sign up to receive our newsletter at or follow us on Instagram @couragecamps 


How did courage camps start?

  • Checkout our media page to hear more about story.

For Volunteers

How do I help?

  • Checkout our support page for all the ways you can help.


How do I sign up to volunteer?

  • Go to our support page and look under the section labeled “Register as a Surf Mentor” to access the sign up form!


What types of volunteers do you need? 

  • Surf Coach: ocean & surf mentors for our returning surfers who share their tips for surfing, reasons to love the ocean, and lessons that the ocean teaches us to build our character.

  • Water Guide: For those who are comfortable in the ocean and water and can assist surf coaches by staying near or in the water as an extra set of hands and eyes to help students enter and exit the water safely.

  • Land Hand: For those who can support the logistics, setup, and break down. You do not know how to surf, but help us create a joyful and smooth day on the sand.


What are the requirements for a surf coach?

  • We welcome individuals with a love for the sport and the ocean, but especially those who work well with kids and have experience as surf coaches or surfers. Training is available for those who are interested.


What other ways can I volunteer and support? 

You can also donate funds or equipment. Go to our support page for all the ways you can help.

For Donors

How can I donate?

  • Checkout our support page to get information on how to donate funds or equipment. Or feel free to email our team at for more.


What are the funds used for each year? 

  • To pay for surf instructors and equipment, as well as educational programming for our students, families, and volunteers.

For Media

How do we contact the team?

Go to the contact page or email us at

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